SEMAGRAN is a non-profit organization located in Vega de San Mateo (Gran Canaria Island) created to provide support and coverage to the sick people and their families.
Our work focuses on people with chronic, degenerative diseases and the misnamed "rare"ones. Our aim is to inform to the people from Vega de San Mateo and the surrounding villages about the problems caused by this kind of diseases, both to the patient and to the family.
We also want to give full coverage to the patients and their families so that all the information and the health care resources they may need are completely free to them.
Telephone number: 669.973.236
C/ Jacinto Rodríguez Mejías, nº 25, 3º A
La Caldereta. Vega de San Mateo - 35320
SEMAGRAN newsletters
Our association regularly releases newsletters (PDF format, Acrobat Reader), which cover topics of our association and also many other of social or cultural interest (available only in Spanish language).
To read or download the latest newsletter released click this icon:
To access the full list of released newsletters, visit our BOLETINES section.

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